Spreading 1000 Smiles on Diwali
Transforming Lives, Alleviating Hunger, and Fostering Prosperity
Pledge to Plant 50,000 Trees in a Year
Scholarship for Government School Girls
Empowering Women and Providing Livelihood Opportunities

Let’s Give Back!

BN Welfare Foundation is dedicated to eradicating poverty and hunger while enhancing health, nutrition, and well-being. We achieve this through comprehensive education, upskilling programs leading to social-economic upliftment, and essential sanitization initiatives for better living. Our overarching goal is to drive positive change in under-served communities through development channels and promote a more equitable, sustainable, and thriving society. 


Our Vision

A world without poverty and hunger, empowered citizens and sustainable communities.


Our Mission

We serve the communities through comprehensive education, vocational training, health and sanitation initiatives to build an equitable and thriving society.



Farmer’s Upliftment - Providing Livelihood Opportunities to 10,000 Farmers through Bee Farming and Honey Production

Rain Water Harvesting - Rainwater Harvesting Plant to restore/increase the underground water level

Reducing Malnutrition - Identification of SAM Children and Reducing Malnutrition among underprivileged families

Anganwadi Adoption - Enhancing Early Childhood Care and Care of Pregnant and Lactating Mothers